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Free at Last


Entry 07/30/2012 09:01:59 AM – Mentat 661

As I sit here and realize that it’s been more than 3 weeks since I’ve last sat down to write a journal entry, I know in my heart and mind that I’m not really all that surprised that it’s been that long. Particularly when you consider that the primary reason why it’s been that long has been my fighting the rage of betrayal, being used and stolen from and the want to lash out at the culprit with my bare hands instead of taking the long, arduous (and tedious) route of going through the judicial system for restitution and compensation. Especially when you consider the saying, “you can’t get blood from a stone…” when it comes to the Waste of Human Flesh that I’ve been living with. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself on this. Let’s continue then where I had last left off.

So I had a countdown going for the 15th of July, where I had given the deadbeat an ultimatum about moving out given that he didn’t pay rent for the month of July. I had even offered to him that I would hold his things and watch the cats if he were to take the route of checking into Butler Hospital for their alcohol rehab program given that it was apparent that he had a drinking problem as he seemed to always have beer (and sometimes harder stuff) in spite of the lack of food for him in the house. While I had given him a couple of days to consider this, in that time I had spoken with the landlord who had offered his services as a mediator to the escalating conflict that was going on with him in the apartment and freeloading off of everything. The date that he offered for the mediation was the day after the Waste of Human Flesh was supposed to have been moved out — July 16th.

Like any meeting when there’s a witness involved, the Waste of Human Flesh made the appearance of being “moderate” and even “cooperative” and “willing” to set things right. However, when it was time to “put your money where your mouth is”, it turned into another round of broken and empty promises. The thing was I was going into this meeting with the cards sort of stacked in my favor. During the fiasco toward the end of the month that I had talked about in my last journal entry was that the deadbeat was waiting for a check to come in from the PA work that he had done at the Dunkin Donuts Center for X-Factor when they were auditioning for new contestants in the area. I had the luck of being able to intercept it before he could get his hands on it. For about four days I simply held onto it as a means of leveraging payment out of him when I handed it over.

Then I started to mull over the history he’s had with me. The constant broken promises. The way money would evaporate the instant he had received any for whatever work that he had done and how it always ended up being transformed into beer or cigarettes. It’s not as though he had to worry about food — in the times that the fridge did get stocked with food, it was almost always at the hands of his ex-wife using her food stamps and welfare to feed him (a point that he had boasted about on a couple of occasions even though she had helped him carry up the groceries that had been bought). Any other times, it had been demonstrated that he would freeload off of friends who would bring food over to have a meal with them. So I opened it to verify his constant stories about how child support was bleeding money off of him.

When I saw the check, I saw no mention of garnishments being taken out. Which meant one of two things: he lied about it to me, or more likely he lied to his employer about not giving them the garnishment case number. In either case, he lied.

I was furious and disgusted.

Instead of confronting him with the evidence, instead of running to Family Courts with this, I held onto it to see whether he was going to be honest about it and pay up the money that he owed me. Particularly given that during the meeting with the landlord, I had renegotiated the deal the deadbeat and the landlord had offered about giving me half of the security deposit as waiver for the month’s rent that he owed for July. The reason for this was simple: the deadbeat has never once lifted a finger to clean the apartment and given the sad state of affairs in the two rooms that he squatted in here positively filthy (as you get a small taste of the squalor here):



And if he were to waive the security deposit for the rent, he’s get the better deal out of it… That was something I wouldn’t have. At the end of the meeting and mediation with the landlord, it had been decided that he was going to owe me a grand total of $945 ($550 as stated around the middle of June, $350 for the rent for July, and $45 for the month’s utilities that came in just prior to the mediation). I also gave the deadbeat 24 more hours to solidify how much he was going to be willing to pay when that check for his work came in.

The next day when he woke up, I told him it was time to make up his mind on how much he was willing to pay me from the check he was waiting for — he continued to waffle to set a promised amount. Fifteen minutes later he finally said he’s pay at least $100. I handed him the check and told him that I had intercepted it and was waiting to hear him commit to an amount.

He went outside to smoke a cigarette at that point. What he didn’t know is that the landlord had left the apartment across from ours unlocked and I watched him smoking the cigarette and open the envelope to see how much he had received from the work that he had done. When he came upstairs he tried to pull that he hadn’t looked at the check and that he’ll deal with paying me after he takes a look at it.

That’s when I tore into the living room as he was laying down after his smoke and “relaxing” as though he were ready to fall asleep again and hit him.

He’s damn lucky I lead with my right instead of my left as all I did was hit him with a glancing blow to the shoulder. If it were my left I could’ve easily knocked his lying ass out with one punch.

I told him flat out that I looked at his mail and that I was justified in my action given that he had continuously lied to me about payment. I didn’t trust that he was going to lie to me about something that wasn’t taken out of that check and told him that it would’ve been in his best interest to sign over the whole check as that would cover at least more than half of the $550).

Of course he refused.

I confronted him about selling the car for money which was a scrap heap and out of registration as well.

Of course, he refused that as well, saying that at the end of the month that he wouldn’t have anywhere to live and it was possible that he was going to be living out of his car (I didn’t believe that, but I’ll get to that a couple of times shortly).

In the end, he promised to pay half of a $347 check of which I told him that was unacceptable and wanted $200 — paid in cash — and wanted to see the money when I got home from a moment to get out of the house, which of course he said he would do.

And he did not. I got home two and a half hours later and found him in the same state I left the house: smoking a cigarette outside and wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he woke up from sleeping. He did take a shower though; the shower was wet when I got home. No sooner that I got home he changed his clothes and off he went. By the end of the night when he didn’t show up by the end of the night, I decided it was high time to put the chain lock back into play.

The deadbeat didn’t come home for another three days. In fact, he didn’t even try to show up at a respectable time: somewhere between 2 and 3 in the morning is when I heard him struggling with the door. I almost opened the door, but when I heard that he wasn’t alone — he brought a woman along to “protect” him from my fury — I decided to leave it locked. That’s when he threatened to call the police and have them demand to let him into the house.

Yes, the police showed up in about 20 minutes. While the police convinced me that this was the wrong decision, when I explained the amount of money that he owed and the fact that he had made a promise to pay that didn’t come through as he was gone for the last three days; one of the two officers turned around and said to him, “If you were my roommate and owed that much money, being locked out of the house would have been the least of your concerns.”

I had promised them that he was safe in the house until the morning and that the issue would be addressed with the landlord when he could be contacted.

I did get in contact with the landlord. I decided from the discussions that we had at the beginning of the month that I would be taking the apartment next door, as it was becoming painfully obvious that the deadbeat was going to be digging in and squatting at the apartment thinking that he could buy himself some time by delaying his eviction. Part of the reason why he thought this was because if I were to stay in that apartment, the landlord would feel a bit conflicted in having to evict the two of us. After all, when it came to paying rent, I had always done it on time. Without me there, then he knew his time days would be numbered.

The rest of the story was ugly, and not something I feel the want to write about. While there had been no violence, the fury that I felt in dealing with this deadbeat was a test of my patience and my limits. While I didn’t hit him again — the want is still there. Particularly given my reliving these feelings as I’ve been writing this journal entry.

I was able to move out by last Thursday.

I was able to transfer the utilities from one apartment to the other. Based on the call between the utility company and the landlord — the utilities for the apartment were shut off and locked down in the same way they did when the heroin addict was living here. In this apartment. As of right now — they remain off.

The landlord and I had a brief discussion regarding the deadbeat’s want to meet with the landlord. I did warn the landlord this is the sort of thing that the deadbeat’s well known for doing and that at the last minute he’ll change his promise about moving out and instead will continue to procrastinate about leaving. While the landlord didn’t want to believe what I said (as it was hearsay to him), I suspect that the landlord did listen.

I contacted my mother who used to work for Family Services in the Rhode Island Court System regarding the deadbeat’s habits. She in turn handed the information over to her husband who was still active within the court systems and he is being investigated for fraud and evasion of child support payments (according to my mother’s husband, it is over $20,000 in order for his federal taxes to be withheld from him when he mentioned this back in May). His wife will subsequently be investigated for Welfare and Food Stamps fraud for allowing the use of those monies to paying for his groceries.

Today, a Rhode Island Constable came to the house and knocking on my door, thought that this was Apartment 2L. As I explained to him that it’s based on the front of the building and that my name is Michael and not the deadbeat’s, he began knocking on the correct door. Before shutting the door on the Constable, I explained that the deadbeat usually stays up all hours of the night, doesn’t get to bed until 7 AM and that he’s never answered the door in the 9 months he’s lived there; the constable tried anyway before leaving a sticker on the door to call his office. Doing a little research on the Constable’s office, either the deadbeat’s been served for Child Support Evasion or Eviction papers by the landlord. Either way, I’ll know in a couple of days.

Tomorrow, once I’ve finally rid myself of the anger, impatience and fury by being played by the deadbeat; I’ll be calling a couple of numbers that had been given to me to see if I can’t arrange for a little help legally for filing this civil case against the deadbeat. More on that in the days to come.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. While I feel good to have finally gotten this all off my chest, I have to say that I hope to never revisit this again. Every time I recalled the way that he lied and used me, and ultimately stole from me the more I found myself getting up away from my desk, going outside to find him at the first opportunity and turn this civil case into a criminal case because I believed that was the only way this would be resolved.

I’m off for the time being. I have a couple of episodes I want to watch and then head to bed early. Tomorrow, I need to look into selling a few things to make rent money. Until the next time.

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