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A Respite to the Drama


Entry 08/19/2012 09:28:40 AM – Mentat 662

The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.” – Oscar Wilde

So yeah, it’s been more than two weeks since the last time I wrote a journal entry. And yeah, I admit readily that I’ve made way too many attempts at writing this entry. It’s not so much that I don’t have anything to say or what I’m going to say is completely frivolous; it’s because there’s still unresolved anger (and fury) when dealing with the deadbeat and the shit that he’s defecated around the homestead. Sitting here at the moment, I think I’ve made a dozen or so attempts at writing this journal entry all of which ended up derezzed in a fit of frustration and fury. I know that it’s soap opera material, and I know that it should be talked about (if only to continue to work through the anger issues that I have pent up from this unresolved nonsense), but I fear that every time I get near to it… Well, I find myself storming about the apartment and fighting impulses that I shouldn’t really be having. I might go into those if only to draw perspective for my future self when I decided to look back at this time and say to myself, “I know what I was thinking and even what I was feeling; but why did I allow it to get the better of me?” So I’ll start a bit with the frivolous before attempting to move into the issues that have been bothering me the most and hopefully they won’t end up disappearing into the ether in a fit of frustration and rage.

In spite of it being August (and usually the worst time of the year for yours truly thanks to the combination of heat and hormones), I find it’s been remarkably cooler than usual. Right now (and for the last couple of days) we’ve had rains and cooler temperatures hovering in the mid 60’s F (~18 C) thanks to the fact that once again a high pressure front cut through the area the days before. While I haven’t heard from family saying “global warming”, it’s apparent that the weather patterns have changed a bit through the area. Saw a bit on the news about jet streams and polar ice cap melting, but it’s the usual witch-doctors (otherwise called meteorologists) trying to make sense of weather patterns based on short-term history rather than things that climatologists and archeologists can see in the really long-term. While it might be a stab in the dark even for me based on my limited knowledge of long-term weather (i.e., the Year without a Summer and I remember reading that weather during some of the colonial winters here in the Tundras of New England being as high as 75 F (23.8 C), but can’t for the life of me find it online), I think it’s overall par for the course. While it’s not as hot as I recall during high school (reaching temperatures up to 100 F (37.7 C)), I recall there being weird times of hot and cooler weather going on during the end of the Summer here. Well that is before the “trade winds” change around Labor Day and we suddenly get temperatures near to 50 F (10 C) for the weekend before it picks back up. On the whole, while I have had nothing more than fans running in the house, there have been moments where I find myself complaining like an old college roommate about the house being set to “London Broil”. But at least it wasn’t like in June where I did have to rush to the Cinema at Providence Place or the Providence Public Library to enjoy some “free” air conditioning. Nah, in fact I’ve only gone out the door and down to Donigian Park a couple of times to enjoy a bit of cool under the trees and near to the Woonasquatucket River until the sun was sufficiently near to the western horizon and the temperatures were cool enough to come back into the house.

Amusingly I’ve found myself comparing the difference between summer here and in the Crotch of the Bible Belt (Atlanta, GA, USA) on a number of occasions when dealing with family and friends complaining about the temperatures being stiflingly hot and a couple of relatives kvetching at me that I really should get an air conditioner for the house. While the humidity has occasionally gone through the roof here in the Tundras of New England, on the whole the summer temps haven’t been anything like what I remember of when I used to live in the Grant Park area or Druid Hills. Really, now there’s a place where having an air conditioner for the house is mandatory. Here though? Well unless you’re elderly or infirmed, a little heat and humidity here is character building.

Heck, I even found myself secretly missing living in Atlanta if only because there was a sort of simple thrill bouncing from house and home to places that had air conditioning as a means of appreciating just how hot and humid it was south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Though I definitely don’t miss dealing with the Mid-Westerners that had flocked to the metro-Atlanta are in the 21st century. Those are some rude folk and contrary to what anyone else says — ruder than anything that I’ve encountered living back here in the New England States. Besides, living here as a long as I have, I’ve come to realize that other than driving (which everyone in the United States is rude by nature when they get behind the wheel of an automobile), New Englanders are gruff. They don’t sneer when you’re nice to them (they looked shocked more than sneer), and have actually shown more manners to me since I’ve come home than any Mid-Western transplant has done in my final months in Atlanta. Although, I know that some New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites are rude as hell — with the exclusion of the deadbeat — I’m fortunate in not having to deal with too many since coming north. So I’ll leave them out of the comparison for the time being (until I get to travelling again anyway).

As a means of staying cool (both from the occasional rises in temperature to my simmering fury at the deadbeat), I admit that I’ve been watching a lot of television programs. I’ve come across 2 sites that I would recommend for rerun television as well as new stuff that seems to be updated a hell of a lot faster than Hulu as of late: One-TVShows and WatchSeries. While a majority of the feeds are from sites in India and some are cross-linked to hell and back; it’s commercial free, it’s in good to excellent quality, and can be watched usually at any time. It seems that prime-time US/EDT is a bit slow for download/streaming, but on the whole if you don’t mind the wait until it’s completed about a third to half of the episode, it’s worthwhile to idle the time by. Heck, I’ve been able to see such shows as Space: 1999, Torchwood (seriously, the first season sucks pretty damned bad), Game of Thrones (and I’ve commented on this on Twitter already, but I’ll comment here just for the sake of it: It’s a soap opera! And friends shouldn’t ride me about my wanting to watch Emmerdale and Verboten Liebe. At least they admit to being a soap opera: Game of Thrones has some heavy denial mode of the testosterone side of the population), Thunderbirds and MacGyver. Heh! I was even able to find Battle of the Planets and remembered instantly what kind of a hack job had been made of it when they Americanized it. Checked out the reboot of Thundercats and find the jury’s out on the change in attitude for the cartoon. WatchSeries has more older shows and series (I think the earliest I scanned in the list goes back to the 50) than One-TVShows, so I’m going to have a bit of fun momentarily reliving shows from my childhood. Particularly with shows like Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds.

Another means of passing the time and keeping myself cool has been starting up the hobby of social Geocaching. I’ve been trying out the programs that I’ve had on my phone: Facebook, Google+ and yes, I did download and install (and created an account on) FourSquare. I have to say that by far the worst is FaceBook’s. First off, if the site doesn’t have a page, you have to create it. This can be really bad given that as a places editor there this has created a hell of a lot of duplicates in a hell of a lot of places. Then you can’t check into a place while you’re enroute. While it seems to be common sense — I find it to be particularly draconian given that there are times when someone would like to check into a place ahead of time if you’re a bit of a distance from. Like Fenway Park if you’re in Providence — as it’s an hour away and when one’s there might forget to check in. G+ and FourSquare seem to allow check-ins from anywhere — with both expecting the honesty of the user to control the user instead of the program/app. Further, both G+ and FourSquare don’t seem to rely on creating a unique page for the location; G+ seems to pull from the White and Yellow Pages for businesses and I suspect FourSquare does the same thing. The really good thing that I have to say is that FourSquare and Facebook have an integration now that allows check-ins to show up on Facebook’s Map — a definite plus if you want to see where you’ve been and why… Although for privacy G+ has this beat hands down as the check-ins only show up in a limited manner (friends that also use G+ for check-ins) and the map is only accessible to you and whoever you allow to view it. And the G+ will routinely remind the user that the application is on and is tracking (in spite of it being set to self-only).

While I haven’t actually gotten serious on social Geocaching (I’ve been a bit strapped for cash and travel has to rely more on my walking than bus/transit system), I think I’m going to go with a combination of G+ and FourSquare. While I’m not too keen on the whole “Mayorship” competition of FourSquare, I do find myself mildly amused with badge collection in spite of the fact that I find myself in agreement of the whole achievement system anywhere.

Well, I’m going to take a little break for the moment. Play a bit and then lunch before I come back and work on the rest of this.

[Last Edited: 08/20/2012 11:48:43 AM]

My word, I completely forgot that I had this journal entry started yesterday. Walked away for lunch and then some old-time television like shows, went off to my mother’s for supper, came home a bit later than I expected, watched a couple of more episodes of older television before I crashed out for the night to have weird dreams and weirder hallucinations when I was semi-conscious. Seriously, out of all of them, I think I found the semi-conscious hallucinations to be the most disturbing.

Seems that I decided to listen to a bit of music with my iPod before I passed out and when I woke up at about 2 in the morning to pluck the earbuds out of my ears and shut it off before passing out, when I looked at the cover of Oceanlab’s If I Could Fly, I distinctly remember seeing demons circling around the head of the artist on the album cover. Keep in mind they didn’t move, I think if they did, I would’ve snapped awake immediately. No instead it looked like a still shot of them included on the cover. I also remember as I looked at it, that wasn’t the cover that I recalled for the song, and that this must’ve been a new song that I didn’t realize I had downloaded. So, I shut down it off, put it on the nightstand and passed out immediately. When I woke up this morning just before the alarm went off, I took a look at the cover could make out it was something about the artist’s hair that I could see where I got the semi-conscious hallucination, but couldn’t reproduce it in my completely conscious mind. Still though, it did give me quite a bit of pause while I was making coffee this morning as I’ve never personally experienced anything quite so vivid even in my semi-conscious mind. I’m sure that I’ll be looking into this more if it continues…

There are two other things that I need to talk about, but honestly I think I’m going to avoid it. The first, I don’t want to jinx. The second, well I don’t want to deal with the incendiary rage that might flare up if I approach talking about the deadbeat. Seriously, it’s bad enough with what’s been going on with him that I don’t need to revisit the annoyances. That and I’ve done well enough with this journal entry that I don’t need to be deleting it because I don’t like the direction it’s gone. So, I think I’ll leave this one semi-frivolous for the time being while I wait patiently for resolution on at least one of these two issues.

Until the next time.

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    • 08/30/2012 at 8:01 am

      Thank you for bringing this up and stopping by my blog. WordPress are the people you need to speak with about compatibility with Internet Explorer (IE), or as I like to call it, “Internet Exploder”. However to address your issue, I have looked at my site in IE (8.0.x and 9.0.x), Chrome (21.0.x), Firefox, Opera and Safari and all of them display the website the same way. While there is a small annoyance in IE 8 with the bottom bar being a bit clear, the rest seem to work just fine.

      Perhaps you might need to update IE then as 6.x and 7.x are no longer supported by Microsoft Corporation?

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