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A little entertainment amidst a scatterbrained moment


Entry 09/17/2012 11:55:37 AM – Mentat 665

<gloom^exs> Finnish sounds like two alphabets went to nuclear war and the fallout mutated it into something seriously fucked up with lots of i’s and e’s. – from bash.org

Fun times at the moment. I had been trying to follow a Finnish Soap Opera that I had picked up a couple of months ago, but what happened was that the original poster had computer problems at the beginning of the summer and while they had been a couple of postings after the laptop had been restored, it’s been a black hole since. So someone else from Finland had picked up the story where the original poster had left off — a couple of months later — and right now I’m getting caught up with the missing elements that happened months ago. Heh, yes I’m a glutton for punishment, given there are just some languages that I can’t wrap my head around because they are so different from the languages that I better understand (i.e., German, Italian/French, Japanese, Korean). All Scandinavian languages and some Eastern Bloc for example. And this soap opera I’m getting caught up with is Finnish (hence the quote for this entry). And worst of all, I can’t turn away from it like I could with other languages… After 2 months of trying to get used to the words and syntaxes, I’m still left with my head in a twist because of it.

The storyline itself is pretty familiar for European Soap Operas.. Out boy is being picked on by jock-type… Jock-type is a closet case… Jock-type cornered the out gay boy and instead of hitting him, kisses him. Story unfolds from there. Girl caught in the middle of all this… Not quite the same as Verboten Liebe but enough similarities that it’s entertaining enough for me to watch and watch the differences in cultures and how closeted vs. out relationships unfold. At least Ida (in this storyline), wasn’t such a hot mess as Coco was in VL. Heh heh… I couldn’t wait until Coco was written out of the story that’s what kind of a train wreck she was in the “triangle”. Then again I’m early in this story and Ida still doesn’t know… Here’s to hoping that this soap opera doesn’t turn Ida into a harpy of scary proportions.

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Ah ha ha ha! So I finished watching the episodes up to the most recent part. While they didn’t actually get to the actual coming out, they really laid it out heavy for the girl — Ida. Thirty years ago (and more) Ida’s big issue would’ve been teenage pregnancy. Heck, she missed her period and off she goes to getting a pregnancy test. The test comes back negative. Then after the test she has what appears to be morning sickness. All the while this is going on, she’s a bit nervous that she might be having a child — abortion is bandied about by her friends. Doesn’t even bat an eye though there’s a bit flustered about it. Finally friends of hers convince her to go to a doctor as home pregnancy tests aren’t “accurate”. *chuckling* At the end of the most recent episode, and sitting down with the doctor, out of the doctor’s mouth (who happens to be Elias’ father’s girlfriend, but that’s another story) comes what the real problem is: Ida is anorexic.

Apparently teen pregnancy isn’t an issue for kids anymore… It’s the past… It’s passé. It doesn’t sell the soap opera. Eating disorders are the PSA message of the moment. Especially if the girl seems too “pretty” or to “perfect”. The only thing I can say about this, chuckling as I am even now thinking about it is, “while Soap Opera writers everywhere are required to write some sort of PSA-like story, this one certainly is one of the more over-used in the last 20 years.” But at least I know it’s not just the USA that has this requirement. Finland seems to as well.

So right now, I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve had an issue for the last couple of days that I had been a combination of scatter-brained and un-grounded. Got pretty bad last night which caused me another night of insomnia because of it. Even ended up having a nightmare along the way… While it wasn’t night terrors, it was enough to cause me to wake myself up out of it before it got worse. So this morning, I did a lot of meditating and quite a bit of introspection in order to figure out what was going on and for the moment, I’m pretty much back to where I had been before. While not as grounded as I’d like to be (because of the other issues going on here at the homestead), but not so bad that I’m coming off like a maniac.

Of course, in the middle of this “Michael is being a Scatterbrained moment” it also left me with more than a little bit of anger, given that the deadbeat thinks that he’s safe from whatever repercussions that are going on here and coming into the house rather brazenly carrying 12-packs of beer. And of course my stance on this is, “if you can buy beer, you can pay me the money you owe.” Still though, I get the distinct impression he knows he’s dancing on thin ice, given that he makes damned sure to come and go from the house only when he’s sure he’s heard me shut the door to my apartment. Heh, pity the deadbeat doesn’t know that others have done things like this with me in the past, and it’s always ended up with the person standing in front of me with the proof to their actions in their hands. All he would have to do is ask a couple of the psychos I’ve dated. They’ll all tell him the same thing, “don’t mess with him.”

That’s about it for the time being. Off to meditate a little bit more and do some Tai Chi to keep myself grounded. Until the next time.

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