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Winding down for the end of the year…


Entry 12/23/2012 11:16:47 AM – Mentat 672

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So the smarmy old bastard has decided to come up for air from the various gaming because, well… it’s that time of year and he positively hates all the Christmas Cheer. Couple this with the fact that there had been some things that were left to be done, that hadn’t been done, and wanted to come by to write about it just because he could. Yeah… I know I’m talking in third person. Force of habit when I’ve made my decision to trolling the teenagers in an MMO just because they can’t work in any other color than black or white. It’s even more amusing watching the pre-adolescents get their knickers in a twist when instead of working with pronouns like “you” or “me”, you start using “one” instead… Seems that the neural wiring hasn’t been quite completed to realizing/recognizing one can be used in place of “I” and sets their teeth on edge. So much so that they occasionally will declare the conversation forfeit and then ignore the offender with all the power of the Pope calling marriage equality “a threat to peace and security”… Rather amusing that given he was in charge of the Nazi Boy Scouts. The irony was not lost there, believe me. But I digress…

I’ve been sitting here the last couple of days wondering whether or not I should write a sort of end-of-the-year wrap up, but to be honest, I’m not up for the rehash that comes from dealing with the bullshit that caused me to move from the left apartment to the right apartment. Mostly because I’m rather tired of having to think about or even speak about the deadbeat that’s still living there. Sure there’s other things to be spoken about — but honestly there’s only just so much I want to mention about the construction project with the landlord (pictures are around — they can be found on my Facebook and Google+ pages… Or was it my Twitter? Eh, they’re out there to be found somehow. I might move them to my Flickr account if I’m sure that I’ve moved them to my PC here. Right now, I can’t really be assed to look to see if they’re in the usual sync directory. I know — I could simply open up Windows Explorer and actually look — but I’m sort of on a roll at the moment, and I’d rather not break stride to look.

All right, I’ll mention that the work’s been fun, even different. After the 19 year old that I was that promised that I would never ever work manual labor (as I was working the shipping/receiving department of a warehouse at the time) and that office life was more for me, realizing that the weakling that I was isn’t as weak as I thought I am now. I even appreciate the fact that I can pick up and handle more weight (mass and even bulk) than someone a decade younger than I am that’s been doing it most of his life. Not too bad for someone middle-aged I would think. Sure, there are moments when I’m sore as hell, and that either my right wrist or right elbow feel like they’ve been dislocated or sprained (and both have been at least once or twice in the months that I’ve been helping), but at least it allows me the luxury of passing out and having dreamless sleep for at least 6 – 7 hours a day. And that’s certainly a good thing given the dream states that I often have.

The worst part isn’t actually working for my landlord as I thought it would be from the stories that I had been told; in fact, if you listen to what he wants he’s pretty easy to please if you debate the issues intelligently. No, it’s the landlord for the property that he chose to have this gallery at that’s the real problem. That man (who I’ll call E for the moment) is a paranoid megalomaniac that thinks that he knows everything to be known about building and construction. The biggest problem with this is that any and all of his ‘ideas’ on what should be done and how things should be built within the space have no grounding in common sense, physics or construction techniques (otherwise known as reality) and will throw hissy fits over the smallest thing that he has planned for the space or the building. He also has the strong belief that absolute fealty should be given to him and every word that is uttered out of his spewing mouth. I think the worse is that he decided on berating me while I was in the middle of six different things and suffering from the noise stuck in my head as I was battling a moment with my ADD. So much so that I exploded on my landlord telling him that if “…E were to ever to do that again, it’s going to take six people to pull me off while I’m shoving his crutches down his throat to shut him up permanently.”

As I understand it, I was so loud that he could hear it through a couple of metal doors, a hallway, and two cinderblock walls because since then he had been remarkably restrained whenever he talked with me about any issue that he wanted relayed to my landlord (his tenant) and in spite of the glaring looks I give him whenever he feels the need to talk to me. Let’s hope that this keeps up into the new year or there will truly be hell to pay if he ever gets in my face like he did that day.

I absolutely and positively love (read: hate) my neighbors on the first floor. Loud, obnoxious and pigs both of them. While sure, I understand that keeping a clean house is near to impossible to do with infants and toddlers and the smell of diapers overpowering the day before garbage pick up is expected… There is however positively no excuse for throwing their paper flyers all over the ground on the way into the house after mail delivery, Do they actually do this in the hallway? No, it’s done on the back stoop instead. Jim upstairs routinely got fed up seeing that and would pick them up and throw them into the hallway to their apartments. Seems that after that going on for about a week, they stopped, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time before that habit starts up again. And of course, there’s also the way that the lazy sods won’t drag their garbage out to the street when the bins have been put up for morning pick up on Fridays. So what do they do instead? They’ve put their garbage into the recycle bins that are left in the parking lot rather than walking out 25 feet to the street and putting it in the bins instead. One of them uses the “I’m disabled” card, but that doesn’t exactly fly well with me, given that he bikes everywhere regardless of the temperatures outside. And the other — who apparently spends the better part of 4 days at a gym working out for the definition that he has — can’t seem to carry his groceries from Price Rite across the street — uses a cart and then leaves it there in the yard until either Jim or I brings it back. (Yes, that’s stopping in 2013, as I’ll make a hell of a lot of noise about it when it continues).

Then there’s the amount of noise from EJ (below my apartment) since whatever it was that happened between him and his girlfriend/wife/whatever at the end of the summer. Seems that from about 9 in the morning until 10 at night we get to hear the sounds of rap music as it rumbles the house. I’m fortunate in that I typically run with earbuds while I’m on my computer (and occasionally if I go to bed early while listening to my iPod) but I’ve heard from Jim and Julian (in the apartment above me), that they can hear it just as clearly as I can. Lucky them in that they’ve bought a house near in the Capitol Hill area and are moving out entirely at the beginning of the month (maybe February) and will no longer have to put up with any of it. He’s had some girlfriend over routinely though I suspect that might not be lasting much longer given the amount of screaming and yelling I’ve heard going on nightly when I get home from working at the gallery/garage. We’ll see though and I’m sure I might talk about it if it happens to spill out into the parking lot while I’m home.

Quite the change since Hector and his tribe used to live in three of the six apartments here. Sure they were slobby as hell as well, but they were really quiet when they were home not to mention kept their mess to their apartments. Makes me almost wish they were still here given they rarely complained about the amount of noise that I made when I was home (heh, they complained more about the deadbeat and his walking around the place like an elephant trying to perform ballet than me). At least the noise there was contained to once a week of one of them playing really bad music (on a Sunday) in the morning when I was trying to sleep in.

As I mentioned in fragments (and scattered comments) on Twitter and Facebook — I’ve done the routine cleaning of the lists everywhere and over the course of the next week or so I’ll be cleaning up the social media fat for the coming year. This means that if I haven’t spoken with you over the course of the 2012 year or found that my conversations with people have been too one-sided for my taste, off you go. I’m also considered dropping several sites along the way as well given that I find participation with them to be more work and less enlightenment. Of course, that meant a load of fun when it came to my phone as I found that for some reason it didn’t want to let go of people that had been removed from Skype, personal contacts, Facebook and of all places Google+ (strange given that Droid and Google seem to have the friendliest and tightest integration than Apple and all its apps combined). And in spite of several forum solutions, ended up having to wipe the phone back to factory default settings. That of course worked like a charm and now my phone seems to be running a hell of a lot faster without all the band aid patching that has been going on with all the apps that needed updates. Seems to be taking up less battery life as well (another good thing).

I also seriously need to clean up my whitepaper and IT-related news feeds next week as well. While I’ll admit that I’ve been half-reading them the last six months, I’ve noticed the ever so disturbing trend that even IT-related news suffers from both sensationalistic journalism as well as positively no fact-checking before publication. It’s not so much as the errors are minor, the errors are egregious enough that I can recognize they’re wrong by their simple mentioning. And further — a good majority of the articles that I’ve read seem to be entirely too slanted by sponsor/advertiser agenda using one’s clout as a journalist to sway public opinion, rather than personal bias against something.

I’m also thinking that I might put in one last review before the end of the year as well. Over the last year I’ve found myself completely immersed in MMOs and in the last year I’ve seen some pretty interesting things going on there. Enough for me to want to go off on a tear on my opinion of communities that I’ve found in each of them. That and perhaps a bit of the game as well. We’ll see if I’ll have the energy between Christmas and New Year’s to talk about it anyway.

I think I’m going to wander off to have something modest for lunch, and then it’s off with my mother to a friend’s house to check out what the problem is with her futon. Until later, perhaps.

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So my mother’s friend was nowhere to be found, and we ended up not hearing back from her after a time, so my mother invited me over for a quick supper before she had to rush out to her adopted daughter’s place for a quick Christmas Party get-together. Not that I minded at all; I don’t mind the quick walk up to her house and back after a meal… It’s always a good thing to get out of the apartment for an hour or two before I wind down for the remainder of the night.

At least at the moment I’m changed into the comfy clothes, relaxing for the moment and trying to finish watching an indie film that I started watching much earlier while I was writing this entry. While I appreciate the over-all theme to the movie, I find the dysfunction of it trying to hard to being “artsy” to be extremely underwhelming and off-putting. Don’t ask me the name of it — I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Heh, at this point I’m just wanting to get to the end so that I can say, “there’s 95 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.” Heh, even if most of those 95 minutes I was happily doing something else… But still.

Well that will be it for the time being… All talked out and wanting to find something a bit more of quality to watch before I head to bed. Until the next time.

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