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As the Wintery Days just putter by


Entry 01/19/2013 12:29:21 PM – Mentat 677

Ah, the joys of a colder albeit sunnier weekend. In spite of the fact that I am mostly rested, I’m still feeling more than a little knackered lazing around the house and playing games or watching videos here and there. Not that I mind really… After all, if I get too tired, I can always slack off to my room, put some music on and pass out for a quick cat-nap or two. Though that entirely depends on whether or not the slacker downstairs decides on playing his crappy music on a crappier stereo system. But that remains to be seen… Stories on this in a little while.. Right now I need to catch up on other things…

For example, my hearing’s mostly back to normal since the last time I wrote. The ear drops (and free penicillin from a local clinic) worked like a charm. While I still have some tinnitus from the accident years ago, it’s not so overwhelming as it was when my ear was completely blocked up. And while a good majority of the vertigo and dizziness is gone, I still get occasional waves of it. According to what I’ve experienced, read and what the doctor at the clinic has told me, this is the sort of thing that happens several weeks to several months afterward. It’s called Chronic Compensation… Thinking back to the last couple of times that I’ve had and inner ear infection, it usually lasted only a couple of weeks, but given that I’m middle-aged now there’s a good chance it’ll last for at least a month. At leas the other good thing that comes out of this is that it doesn’t last long when I’m standing up — and can be clocked to about 90 minutes of continuous standing. Not to mention that I don’t get it confused when my sugar’s low; that usually happens when I over-exert myself at about 4 hours.

Then last night, as I was passed out and drooling into my pillow, I heard caterwauling out in the hallway for about ½ hour. Turns out that one of the two cats in the downstairs neighbor’s apartment had gotten out and was lost and confused in the hallway. With it being almost 3 in the morning, I opened the door and brought the kitten in so that it wouldn’t be making a royal racket throughout the night. So, with a little milk and a little playing with an extra shoe-string, in about ½ hour he was fast asleep on the bed. He did pretty well — slept through most of the night. Then in the morning — at a respectable hour — brought him down to the neighbor’s apologizing for holding him through the night as I didn’t want the racket, which she thanked me and the cat was happily reunited with his brother (they have two). Personally, I think it was nice to have a cat about the house, in spite of the occasional meowing as it felt lost and lonely, he reminded me that if I’m going to get another cat — it’s definitely going to be male. It’s less likely to throw hissy-fits as a female might. I’m not sure I’d want an all-black either, as it’s difficult to see ’em with the lights off…

As I tweeted earlier in the week, it’s been incredibly quiet here at the homestead. Seems that the dickhead downstairs hasn’t been around or has wised up and kept the music to a minimum, though after we had all sorts of noise here last night I suspect it was more of the former and less of the latter, as the music returned. However, this morning it seems that this sort of changed as there were 3 cruisers here. Normally there’s only 2 to respond to any scene, however given that the downstairs neighbor is on home confinement (has the anklet to prove it). Not sure what happened next. I heard the police announce themselves after banging on the door with a nightstick, a little talk mostly kept to quiet tones and the police leaving the building a couple of minutes and then left. I didn’t get downstairs fast enough… Mostly because I had the other neighbor’s cat with me and I had been planning on bringing it down, but decided against it because I didn’t want the cat spooked seeing all sorts of strangers in the hallway. So by the time I was able to make any sort of arrangements, the police were already out in their cruisers, one of which had driven off, the other two seemed to have been calling in to the station and it was over.

The landlord had texted me almost immediately asking for the details, and I gave him what little I could puzzle out. He tells me that there were 3 cruisers at another of his properties (well away from my neck of the woods), and believes they rushed here from there. Which seems odd given that the other property’s about 3 miles (4.8 km) from here. And I can’t see the dickhead downstairs going to that side of the city — given it’s primarily WASP. But I’m sure that more of this little drama playlet will unfold as days progress and of course, I’ll probably write about it.

So I finally got the invite to play Ingress. It looks interesting enough, given it’s sort of a social geocaching come spy-craft sort of game. Got through the tutorial with more than a little buggy trouble (I believe it was more PEBCAK and not actual bugs). Looking at the intel map and some of the requirements, it seems that my neck of the woods is curiously lacking portals. But according to the help files online, it’s pretty easy to correct by taking pictures and uploading them to the game moderators for them to decide whether a portal can be placed there or not. Given how bloody cold it’s been the last couple of days, I’ve sort of abstained from going out into it… But as it’s supposed to be warming up the next couple of days, I might take advantage tomorrow to do a little searching and uploading to add areas for portals. Given this is an urban area, there should be more portals even in these neighborhoods as I was seeing downtown near the business district.

Other than that, I’ve found myself positively inundated with unusually sexually charged fantasies with the routine smattering of bat-shit weird dreams I’m well known for having. Strange thing is that when I dream at night, it’s one or the other, but never a mix of both. So this is sort of new for the likes of me, as I’m not used to having anything sexual mixed in with aliens invading, post war nuclear holocaust-type, or the sort of things that Dante Alighieri or HP Lovecraft would write about (and I would end up dreaming about). On the one side, it’s nice that somewhere in this there’s a bit of dating or romance, or out and out shatter-the-commandments sex… But I’m not so sure that it should be mixed in with aliens bend on the subjugation and extermination of humans, demonic possession bent on unleashing hell on earth, or ruins of humanity because of it’s own over-bloated ego. Seems a little… Melodramatic. And coming from a self-admitted Drama Queen, that’s saying more than it should.

Well that’s about it for the time being. Off to get caught up on my soap opera snippets. Have a light bite to eat and then off to do some reading. Until the next time.

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