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Oceanic Marble


Oceanic Marble

Apophysis 7x (r15), Un-Retouched

Admittedly, it has been a long time since I’ve actually sat down and tried being a Mad Scientist with Mathematical Code. Some of the reason has been because I sort of made a promise (and later broken) to learning other programs. Most of the reason though is because I had an awful lot of rancor and anger — two emotional states that aren’t conducive to creativity. But now that I’m calmer, been behaving, improving my dietary intake and getting in touch with an old muse finally have the want to return to my Mad Scientist roots. Now let’s see if I have the fortitude for what I was thinking when I created this marble..

Musical Inspiration: Algarve – Seashore (Original Mix)

Like the Titan of the Sea, this marble rises in blues and aquamarines and greens. It is soft but in its softness reminds we humans of the awesome power that can be unleashed by oceans in fury…

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