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Astral Realm Marble


Astral Realm Marble

Apophysis 7x (r15), Un-Retouched

Inspirational Music: Wendy Phillips – Stay (Airscape Remix)

A realm of miasma, dreams, unrealized feelings and unconscious thought. A place we often wander in our dream state, trying to understand the stresses we might be going through, unresolved thoughts which we abstractly try to sort out, desires that we’re sometimes too scared to enact.

Sometimes in the fog, something will come into sight with crystal clarity. Other times disappearing into the shadows never to be seen again. Sometimes even a path that makes perfect sense to walk and at the same time we find ourselves lost without hope of finding our way out…

A path I’m going to be walking soon enough once this piece is posted… Dedicated to a friend this evening that went there hours before I did…

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