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An addition to the Homestead on the Tundras


Entry 10/24/2013 03:04:00 PM – Mentat 686


For those of you that might have been wondering who Moe is when I mentioned him in one of my fractals earlier in the week…

This is Moe… A 5 year-old DSH (Tabby) that’s been living with me for the last week. A friend of my mother’s sort of runs a half-way house for rescued animals for which my mother told her the last time my mother and her friend had talked (earlier in the week) that I was looking for a cat partially because the house has been too quiet for the likes of me since Cricket had passed away 2 years ago, but mostly because in the last month the amount of mice that have been getting into the house was getting well above the 1 – 2 I would be seeing in a month… Yes, the last month alone I had seen more than 7 make their way to the second floor cupboard looking for things to eat. So, last Thursday after finishing up the butt-crack in the morning ritual of laundry, I headed up to my mother’s and then over to her friend’s house to pick Moe up.

The amusing thing about what my mother’s friend told me about Moe and what Moe has demonstrated is how he’s nothing like how my mother’s friend painted him. For one thing, he’s not afraid of small spaces… For the first 3 to 4 days, from about the time the sun had come up, until the time the sun went down Moe would end up underneath the bureau in my bedroom, hiding happily from me, the construction noises across the street and the noises about the house. Then come sundown… He’s out and about… All hours of the night. Proving that Moe is in fact quite nocturnal. So, the only way that my mother’s friend might not know Moe is nocturnal, would be because the woman had to sleep like the dead.

Then over the course of the week, I learn that he’s quite the climber. So much so that I seriously am thinking of changing his name to Monkey. In the week, Moe’s made several successful trips to the top of the fridge in the kitchen, several more (failed) attempts of getting into the cupboards in the pantry (above the sink) and a couple of attempts at trying to get behind the false wall in the bathroom (a sort of decorative wall that hides the sewer line from the third floor into the basement). While fortunately for me I’ve been able to thwart those attempts, Moe’s made one more attempt since then and I think he’s given up trying to get behind. Good thing too, I don’t think that once he gets into it, he’ll be able to get out without having to cut the wall open.

So, as Moe and I get used to each other, I try to make an effort to keeping him up a bit more during the day so that I can get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. As a concession I’ve learned that 5 – 6 in the morning when Moe’s completely torqued up and hyper is the time that I should be throwing his toys around the house while he plays the feline version of “fetch” (which is more like “chase” and less like bringing it back for another throw). On the whole it works, and while my patience is pushed at 3 in the morning when he’s feeling lonely and mewing loudly in the middle of the kitchen, we’re getting on rather well.

More to tell in the near future… Anyway it’s time for me to head to bed. I’m going to need to make up for the lack of sleep I’m not going to get in the early morning when it’s time for Moe to skulk about the house. Until the next time..

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