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On the Eve of Spring Cleaning


Entry 04/23/2014 09:58:47 AM – Mentat 696

So it seems that we have stormy and gale like weather for the next couple of days and for some reason my cat seems to have a thousand time more energy than I do. He’s currently sitting there in the kitchen, eyes dilated and waiting patiently for me to pick up the laser pointer again so he can chase the little red dot all around the kitchen. Me on the other hand, just wants to sit here, window open (with cool and damp breezes blowing west to east through the apartment) to do nothing until about 11 AM when I begin the prep for the chicken slow-cooker dish I’ll be cooking for tonight. Well that and perhaps playing a game or two now that all the other chores have been completed: the morning job search, the shave and shower, the picking up the house a little in the endless cycle of maintaining a clean house. I had a bit of fun when yesterday as I headed to the toilet to heed a nature call and found that the toilet water had turned a very “healthy” shade of pink. Thought that this was only something that happened in the hole (of an apartment) in the Valley that had this sort problem occasionally, but after doing a bit of research into it, found out that it’s a form of Serratia bacteria that thrives in the bathroom area. That is of course once I got over the initial shock of seeing pink/reddish in the bowl and for one split second thought that I was having a reoccurrence of my having something with a red/pink dye and urinating it (quite the story and the shock and horror almost two decades ago and one that I recount to anyone having health scares of some sort or another). So a draining and a spray bleaching of the walls of the water well for the toilet and I’m pretty sure the problem’s been taken care of. I’ll keep an eye out for it again in the future to see how long it takes to reoccur.

There, I think that Moe’s sufficiently entertained and drained as he’s currently sprawled out in the kitchen and not really looking in my direction while I write this journal entry… Good thing too, he was exhausting me as I watched him tear about the kitchen area trying desperately to catch the little red dot.

I am having an over-concerned, “parental” moment with Moe as he’s currently acting oddly about eating and drinking and having repeat visions of Cricket when she stopped eating. Turns out it’s not as though he’s not eating — he’s just eating less. The problem is that all cats have patterns that they follow based on the passing seasons. Cricket had more energy in the summer and wanted to almost hibernate through most of the winter. Tiger was pretty even keeled through the four seasons and as he got older seemed more laid back than when he was a younger cat. Svengali was more hellbent about getting out of the house in the winter than in the spring through autumn. And Satan? Jesus he used to get off being more sadistic to his prey in the autumn. As I only got Moe here during the late fall/early winter last year and a full adult, I haven’t had the opportunity to learn all his habits through the year. So when I got him, during the that time, he had a voracious appetite, eating more than his fair share of wet & dry food. With my moving to an apartment that’s a bit smaller and is exposed to a lot more noise and couple this with the changing of winter, I’ve noticed he’s eating less, avoiding the water in his bowl (and as I said in the last entry, hellbent about licking the bathtub faucet for his necessary water intake).

Getting wet food, I see that he’s more than happy about slurping up all the gravy in the bowl and unless it’s tuna — he won’t eat much of the wet food in the process. I’ve checked for gingivitis and other mouth related issues and haven’t found any either — which confuses me a bit given he’s more than satisfied eating his kibble once he’s done with the gravy from the wet food. He’s not lost significant weight and after watching him chase the laser dot the last hour, doesn’t seem to have loss of energy.

I’m just trying to get over the over-concerned attitude and chalking it up to spring time and a bit of nerves. Particularly when you consider a couple of days ago when my mother and I went for a walk with her dog; with Moe staring down from the window as we walked by. The instant my mother called out to him — *FOOM* he was gone from the window in a puff of dust. When we got back to the neighborhood and I returned to the apartment, Moe was hiding under the covers of the bed until he was sure it was just me. Such a scaredy-cat. So he’s happy, energetic, about the right weight and shedding in typical cat-like change of the seasons sort of way, and I need to stop being over-protective about it until there’s any signs of a real problem…

There… Dinner’s in the slow cooker, and me without any bloodshed, accidents, cuts, bruises or even distractions from Moe in the process. Though he’s a bit confused about the sound of a can being opened up and thinking it’s for him. But after a smell of the Cream of Mushroom soup, he completely lost interest in it.

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As for me… Well sleep has been all over the place. With the weather going to warmer than typical and oppressively over-humid to cool and mostly humid still — my sleep patterns were 2 – 4 hours before 1 – 3 hours of interruption to 5 – 6 hours uninterrupted. As of the last four days, I’m finding myself over-sleeping (8 – 10 hours). At first I thought it was me making up for the lack of sleep from the week before, but given my typical average is 6 – 7 hours a night, I’m not too sure if that’s truly the case. Whatever it is, it’s getting annoying…

Just as annoying as my continued lack of focus. I’m still distracting myself in 20 minute intervals making it difficult to sit through a movie (like Saltwater which I saw the other day), or any of the usual shows that I normally sit to watch. And gaming’s… well.. In and out and in and out and… god, I need to stop trying to play three games at the same time. I was doing all right with the focus on a couple of occasions, but the problem has been because of the lack of sleep that had been going on for a while; it became difficult to focus on much of anything (other than perhaps the complete lack of sleep I had been getting). I was doing all right for 1- 2 days, but after that I went back to being all over the place. Though then again, it’s kind of hard to focus when I’m not trying to make myself focus. So who’s really to blame in this? Yep! Me.

I had a couple of moments with the lingering anger and rage… Seems to happen more frequently as I’m taking a shower in the morning. I would like to think it’s because I’m trying to wash it out of my hair (so to speak), but the truth of it is that I’ve been using it as a means of trying to motivate myself into moving (into action) when I get out of the shower. The thing is that it doesn’t really seem to accomplish anything other than work up my agita and also not let go of the on-going anger I have for those two douche-nozzles that are and should firmly remain in my past. Though I did notice one time in the last week, I went further back and found myself latched onto the anger and frustration that came out of my last long-term relationship when I was still living in Atlanta. On the one side, it did sort of take be by surprise given that I hadn’t thought much of him in the last 10 years and having a moment of wanting to yell at him for an incident that happened a couple of years later. On the other, after a bit of thinking, it seemed logical as it’s one of those great unresolved issues in my life that I just shook off and moved on. That for just one moment, I wanted to resolve instead of leaving as it was — untouched and ignored. Fortunately for me, I didn’t think much else of it afterward and only until now when I wrote about it.

There’s one other point, but I think I’m going to just let that one die without much more attention to it. I might bring it up again in the future if I see a repeat performance of it. Nothing bad really just… really bloody annoying. And I’m off for the time being. Try to watch a little television before I walk my mother’s dog. Until the next time.

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