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Cat, Health and the general wackiness of another year


Entry 05/03/2014 12:01:11 PM – Mentat 697

Good ol’ Moe. During my being the pack mule for my mother yesterday, I had the opportunity to pick up a replacement cardboard cat scratcher for him (as he had dug to the bottom on the two ends that he uses). So I loaded it up with a little catnip as the same incentive to using it instead of the rug in the kitchen. It looks like I used too much because he stayed near to it like a drunken addict. He turned it over twice to get the catnip all over the rug and floor. He tore the corrugated part of the scratcher out in order to get to the catnip at the bottom and chewed on it — getting himself high as a kite in the process. I had to put it out of range for him last night because I wanted to sleep without him going mad on it. This morning, I put it back down on the floor and he ignored it for the most part — mostly because I think he found the house cold from my leaving the windows open through the night — but when I was getting ready to leave, there he went at it again. Not for long though — it seems that some of it got onto the rug as he happily was rubbing himself into the rug. Heh, the funny thing is that he looks dusty and dirty again, even after I got him brushed clean.

In other news for my happy little pain in the ass. He’s eating the wet again… Well sort of. He licks all the gravy out of the wet food and leaves the chunks of it. I learned to puree the remaining wet food with a bit of water and by the next morning — it’s all gone. Oh I know, this is the sort of thing that’s indicative of gingivitis. It’s not though as he also gets a small bowl of kibble — and he also finishes the kibble in about a day/day and a half. So in the end — he’s eating well, drinking his fill (without the constant trips to the bathtub faucet), and burning out his energy with playing daily. Heh, now if only I can get him to stop being such a scaredy cat whenever someone comes to the door (family mainly) or call out to him when he’s sitting in the window — and he’ll be more amicable to the world at large.

In the land of Computers and annoyances… I had to swap out my flavour of Linux from Mint 15 to Xubuntu 14.04 (LTS) on the laptop. Those of you that have me in your Facebook feed probably saw my message of anger and annoyance at the Mint team that did a slack-ass/lazy re-branding of Ubuntu 13.10 to Mint 16. Those of you that didn’t — let me put it to you this way — the same problem that I experienced when trying to load up Xubuntu 13.10 on this laptop transferred to Mint 16 (code name: Petra). That is the constantly running display (and constantly running processor) dimmer problem — in spite of the scads of complaints about it with people on the Ubuntu forums.

Xubuntu 14.04 seems to have worked out that problem, except for the dimmer when swapping to Screen-saver as it seems to act up then for a bit. But as I don’t normally need to worry about screen burn-in when I’m at the laptop, I simply chose to disable the screen-saver and went directly to shutting off the screen after 90 minutes. Problem solved there.

Consequently, because of the roll out of the new version of the Linux OS, Syncdrive — a Google Drive Synchronization program I used to use on Mint has been blown out because it’s requiring a version the Libboost that doesn’t load in Ubuntu/Xubuntu 14.04. I tried loading up 1.54 for Libboost and that didn’t work. Tried to go back to 1.49 and it wouldn’t load up because remnants of 1.54 remained on the system even after being totally removed through synaptic and terminal. So I blew away the operating system one more time and decided it was high time to go look for an alternative sync program given the maker of Syncdrive only does this part time (and uses too many stop gaps until he has time to work on the problem). Enter Grive.

Grive has an auto-sync function that while I think runs a bit more than my Drive does at home — at least I can shut off the notifications and let it do it’s own thing without the mother-monitoring that I’ve been doing with it since I’ve installed it. And so far has been running to the standards I expect of both the not-installed Syncdrive and the Google Drive for Windows. I’ll check in with Syncdrive to see if they’ve addressed the problems I’ve experienced and corrected its installation.

Then there was the black-screen that I used to get on the desktop playing certain games… Turns out the nVidia forums are all abuzz about that blaming the newest version of the video drivers for this problem. Seemed to happen more commonly (like at least once a day) when I left the default audio drivers (that I don’t need) installed. It’s still there, but not as common. If it happens during a missions in any game, I’m going to do what they suggest and roll back to the drivers from January, 2014 as I didn’t have any problems with them in the time I didn’t upgrade (until the end of last month). Though so far *touching wood* it only happens when cutting between cut scenes.

As for me… It’s May… It’s spring… it’s just a little more than a month away ’til I turn ½ century old. Christ on a Drunken Rampage… 50… Hard to imagine I made it this far eh? As getting to Middle-aged 5 year ago, I’m probably going to take it in stride. Sure there’s been some annoying bodily changes, but at least I’ve got my health still even if my sanity sometimes feels a bit frayed. Though that’s something I’ll think more about next month as it’ll be less than 2 weeks before my birthday.

Last week I had a hell of a reaction to the left-over ham I had in the fridge. Something about the type of nitrates on it caused a reaction in my mouth (and more specifically gums). The remaining primary tooth that I have; the gums holding it in place reacted to it, causing me pain whenever I tried to chew on that side of the mouth. Not too hard to switch to the other side (after all, I’m left-handed and the left side just as natural for me as the right), but at one point a couple of days ago, I ended up having an allergic sensitivity in my mouth when I tried having a sliced chicken breast sandwich (another form of nitrates). It felt like I had Novocain without the annoyance of drooling from it. At least during the day… At night, was another story. I was drooling like a teething infant. As of yesterday it’s all passed. The tingling/numbness is gone and I can chew even the hardest things I usually eat on the right side of my mouth without pain or discomfort. Good thing too — I was getting tired of eating oatmeal for breakfast in the morning..

I’m still getting used to the neighborhood here, though I can see my mother and I are going to probably start a crusade against Tammany Hall across the street on Atwells Ave. Seems that closing time during the weekends now that the weather’s gotten warm enough to leave the windows open during the evening and night — the folk there are getting louder and louder. We’re not talking the usual noise one expects when a place is clearing out at closing time. We’re talking the type of screaming, car banging, engine revving asshattery that shouldn’t be going on in a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood. Since my mentioning the drunken slapper that was screaming at her car demanding that it magically opened it’s doors… We’ve had racing up and down Atwells (that eventually involved a high-speed police car chase), a parade of cars and horns at 2:30 in the morning. A fist-fight that involved banging someone against a car on Piedmont Street (side street off of Atwells Ave), and the general sort of ruckus that if it were in any other neighborhood — police would be involved immediately. Sad too given we have another bar right nearby (Lili Marlene’s) and the clientele there are and always have been quiet… Even at closing time we don’t ever hear much of their clients leaving for the night. They just leave quietly at closing time. More on this in the future, I have no doubts..

Well, that’s about it for the time being. My mother’s on her way home from her errands (mix up/mess up from out run about yesterday), and I should be packing up. Until the next time.

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