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And now for a word


Entry 8/21/2014 7:16:53 PM – Mentat 707

This is just a quick note to inform subscribers and casual readers that I’m still alive and doing remarkably well in the world (all things considered), but in the time that I’ve been assisting my mother around the house since she broke her ankle because of the dog (as talked about in Entry 706) for the last month or so. I’ve been writing a lot of journal entries and finding myself more at ease about writing and keeping them to myself than I have the last couple of years in writing them that went out to the world.

I realize that this might be what I need to do for a bit longer. Get used to writing for the audience of me until I’m ready to start sharing them with the world again. Truth be told I’ve been going through quite a lot of “performance anxiety” in writing journal entries that I share with the world and because of this I feel like I’ve lost the vision and mission of posting my journal publicly. A feeling I don’t remotely like. At all…

So while I’m helping my mother hobble around the house with the sweeping and cleaning up after her monster child (which seems to shed a Chihuahua every day) along with other chores that she can’t do, I’m going to be offline for a bit. I’ll still be posting some of my Mad Scientist fractals, but those will even be infrequent (well more infrequent than they have been recently).

Keep safe… Keep clean and use soap… (Heh as I’ve said to my mother a couple of times when she’s announced taking a sponge bath). You can contact me through the usual channels (Comments, E-Mail, Deviant Art), you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ if you really want to pester me, and I’ll be around in the background like a Vorlon on a mission to study the younger races.

Hopefully I’ll be back sometime in the near future. Until then…

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