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Dimensional Collision


Dimensional Collision

J-Wildfire 2.23, Un-Retouched

The first attempt at making a fractal using the program JWildfire… Or rather the first attempt that I felt competent enough to share with the world. Seeing this in preview reminded me of the piece “What happens when…” with a hell of a different twist. Sure the Mad Scientist is still playing with dimensional hopping but this time by combining two dimensions to get to a third.

Truth be told, a lot of the controls are very similar to Apophysis…. Once you get used to the excessive tabbed layout and Java framework. Pretty interesting how it uses all cores of the processor to produce something and seems to take more control of the processor than Mandelbulb (which seems to flow better with all cores). Then again, JWildfire is java based which would explain the initial lack of processor balancing: it’s all or nothing based on personal experience. I still have a lot of reading to do and a whole lot of experimenting before I feel modestly confident with it.

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