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Globules Marble


Globules Marble

Apophysis 7x, Un-Retouched

You know when you haven’t made a marble in a while, when you’re sitting there doing tech support at the aunt’s and both she and mom chime in with, “you know it’s been forever since you’ve made one of those sort of globe things you post…”

Sure, she may not have rebooted her computer in 818 days (yes, you saw that right, it’s been more than 2 1/4 years since she applied any Windows updates or rebooted her PC regularly to keep the memory “fresh”) and was wondering why her printer had stopped working… But she’s remembering my weekly postings from Apophysis and further, it’s something to hear from them that I’ve been lax in my Mad Scientist Creations. Priorities and all that.

Here it is.. Share the love… Do the Likes… And more of all, enjoy the moment while staring into this bizarrely demented piece of work made from maths, cackling joy and a left arm pinned by my all-black (cat) that’s missed me through the week.

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