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Anniversaries… Yay, celebrate with fire and drama


Entry 09/21/2015 04:01:44 AM – Mentat 992

It’s rather surprising that it’s coming up on three months since the last time I posted a journal entry public.  With that in mind, where to begin, where to begin…  To begin with; five days ago I just passed my sixth month anniversary at the contract that I’m working at.  In the six months that I’ve been working there, this is what I’ve learned:

  1. The department generates an inordinate amount of e-mail that no one seems to read any of it.  And when they do, nothing is read for the value or the detail of it; causing untold damage control for anyone with a low three-digit IQ to be tasked with the fallout and eventual clean-up.
  2. The Supervisor in charge of scheduling for the department does it in such a way as no-one within the department knows or trusts the information provided in the calendar.  First, the calendar looks as though it were put together by someone that’s never done scheduling within Outlook or Microsoft Office.  And what’s worse about it is that this is a 24/7/365 operation, yet the supervisor always treats any and all schedule changes as last minute.  Six week advance warning on the vacation?  Tell the others about it the Tuesday before it starts.  Or worse; posting the opportunity for over-time to cover the missing person?  Do it expecting a response by Friday, when Sunday after the Friday is the only day the whole of the shift will be able to be together to discuss the coverage.  And  of course, when in doubt, see above on how effective or well that news will be read from e-mail.
  3. While it’s said by the manager of the department of the whole of the department is working “as a team”, the problem is that much of the old animosities are still very much present.  Case in point an e-mail I had posted to the management of the department when it came to desk changing that had happened overnight.  While this might have worked out for the most part for the first shift as they have the most amount of novices coming into the department, there really wasn’t any reason that two of the temps (then) working at night needed to be rearranged, while the full-timers were left where they were.  Long story/short…  after making a case about how to properly move the temps, one of which point was being moved to a first-shifter well known for being late on weekends and not enabling the individual to complain about — it turned out that he was written up for his tardiness was then told that the reason he was written up was because someone on third shift had reported him.  Yeah, this naturally created inter-shift animosity — particularly when you consider that the offender had signed the form confirming it being correct — he came right out of that meeting and asked the two-full timers who denied they were the ones that reported him.  Yep, animosity.

Then last entry (the beginning of my work-week) I began to hint at my discouragement that was going on with the job, but after yesterday — I’ll be go to hell if I can remember any of it now.  Well other than one third-shifter just went out on Bereavement (should be back at the start of his new week Tuesday night but we won’t know until that night) and the other is out for the next two weeks on medical leave.

Saturday night as I was coming into work at the usual hour, walking the path that I usually take I was attacked by 5 – 7 upper teenagers (with the max being no more than 19) on the sidewalk property of Lifespan and Care New England’s massive parking lots behind the medical campuses.  At first it was an attack of opportunity they wanted to see if they had the strength to knock me out.  When that failed (hard to knock me out; it takes a severe blow to the head for that to happen), they wanted to see if they could cow me into submission.  When that didn’t work as I continued taking hits to the head and side of the face and one opportunistic hit to the nuts of the tallest of the attackers, it turned into a mugging where they took my iPod and phone..  They gave up when I got to Bright Horizons Home, they gave up and ran away and up Gay Street.  I walked toward Dudley Street and Hasbro Emergency Room in the hopes of getting a phone to call the office to tell them I was going to be late.

After that call, I moseyed to the bathroom to check the damage as I remember one of the hoodlums commented on the shape of my ear.  It was bloody.  It has a tear in it, it was black and blue and it looked like I lost the fight in a UFC Cage Match…  All right not that bad, but given that I’ve never had my ear pulled/torn at like that in 51 years, it certainly felt like it.

The security guards were pretty unsympathetic and mostly uncooperative/uninformative.  Hell most of the staff for Hasbro ER was pretty much in the weeds for a Saturday night so everyone in the ER was off doing a million other things.  Given that I didn’t want to wait some hours there or at Rhode Island Hospital for service taking more than four hours of waiting, I decided that it would be best to grab a bus and head back to work.  Yeah, the uninformative was correct.  I waited 5 minutes outside then swiped my way back into reception to connect to the wireless for guests only to find I missed the last bus southbound by 10 minutes.  So I packed up my bag and walked the mile or so to get over to the office on Baker Street, which I was only 5 minutes late.

When I was there, I connected to Google Play, locked and erased my phone.  Called the Providence police to get a report filed (fat lot that would do, given that I didn’t get much of a look at any one as they were all taking turns hitting me  when I did take a look).  Called the phone provider and marked the phone as stolen all before I got my first call at work.  Well second, I had little choice but to re-queue that call to my co-worker because I had three police officers in the front lobby to file the report.

I  stayed through the shift mostly because we had a scheduled down time with Epic Hyperspace (the main program used by the hospital); as the last couple of upgrades that had been done since the program went live at the beginning of April hadn’t gone as flawlessly as hoped.  However with all the managers in some sort of teleconference bridge and all the appropriate departments performing the upgrades, by the time I  was finished the down time, it went flawlessly and effortlessly.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Backing up a bit, I was 5 minutes late to the shift, I was logged into the phones shortly after that; told the people there what had happened, showed off the battle scarring and semi-routinely checked if I was still bleeding inside my mouth.  At first the bleeding stopped around 1 in the morning and while I was happy about it, my concerns grew when I would have to eventually eat as I couldn’t continue on through the night on the remains of my adrenaline.  So I had a modest lunch and had the bagel I was supposed to eat when I got into work.  While I was eating, I began bleeding.

In fact, at the end of the end of the downtime, I realized that the bleeding was going to go on for as long as I was up and moving and talking.  During the middle of the downtime when I found out the manager of the department was going to be on the bridge during the evening, I made a request to talk to her at the end of the call, because I wanted to relay that I was going to need to take the time out the next night for recuperation.

What I got was pretty shocking.  Oh sure, it started off all right with all the platitudes that come from management and the well-wishes of taking care…  And yet in the same breath what did I hear?  Her concern for call coverage for the next night.

The fact is that I already took that into consideration.  Two people on for a Sunday night that should be enough to get them through until the people from first shift coming in for the morning.  Hell, I even looked at it as a way for her to pull some sort of speech about someone being mugged and still coming in to work the shift.  But no, instead given the opportunity and in a tired state she was more concerned about call coverage for the department rather than the health of her employees, temps/contractors or otherwise.

Sitting here now, I realize that she’s not a manager.  A Sales Person?  Absolutely.  But after that seems to lack the ability to manage people.  That and diplomacy is an alien language to this manager.  Given my initial impression of her when I met her the second week I had been working there — has never truly been a manager.  And given that in the six months that I’ve been working this department has been completely demoralized, news of that call will definitely work against her now and in the future.  While I won’t bring it up within the department, I’m going to say it here anyway and onto your own heads, be.

I got home thanks to my co-worker basically heading in the same direction.  And that’s where the real fun  began.  I slept for shit.  3½ maybe 4 hours.  In the 20 to almost 22 hours since the mugging the bleeding in my mouth had finally stopped.  But not without the true fun of how my body operates.  About mid-morning after my mother had come to visit and the bleeding had recommenced, and while I was rinsing out my mouth — it seems that blood that had been collecting in my mouth had begun to congeal — like blood jelly and typical blood clotting that happens to cover up a wound.  Only problem was that it wasn’t sitting on my cheek, but instead began oozing into my teeth.  Annoying yes, gross to feel sure, but it wasn’t life threatening.  It was a pain in the ass because it was a near routine feel when it was happening and not something I could sleep through.

I after the unsuccessful night’s sleep I then got up to take a shower, rinse my mouth out and hope that I wouldn’t be seeing any blood, but nope, it was still there and still annoying.  Though drying off and checking out my ear, it cleaned up well enough that all I was seeing was the discoloration of the black and blue mark.  Still feels a bit rough behind the ear, but later on at least my mother’s telling it’s looking better than when she looked at it in the morning.

Putting my comfy clothes back on went through the routine of having a modest breakfast as I had only half my lunch at about 2 AM.  This meant a cup of cereal and a cup of milk.  No sooner than having the first tablespoon of cereal and milk, I broke out into a sweat.  I could feel my temperature rising and grabbing the thermometer out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom check to find out it had hit 104.2 F (40.1 C).   While not being lactose intolerant, it was pretty clear that from the amount of blood that I swallowed through the day, I was having some sort of reaction given that the more that I ate, the queasier I was becoming.  After sweat pouring off of me as though the Niagara had opened up in my body, I decided to lie down in the hopes that it would pass.  The last thing I thought of before I passed out was, “if I die because of this, my mother will find me sprawled out in bed…”

As is evident, I woke up about 70 minutes later.  Rinsing out my mouth, I discovered that I stopped bleeding.  A couple of hours later I ventured to drinking an iced coffee (from the Dunk)  and still no mouth bleeding.

And that is the adventures that I’ve had the last couple of days.  More to come later.  Until the next time.

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