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What’s little time off without a heaping bowl of DRAMA?



(Thanks to a good acquaintance for inspiring me to post an update with a meme).

And on a more pleasant note — I would like to give a hearty thanks (read: Fuck you) to the boys and girls at ESET for keeping up with the holiday spirit I remember from 5 years ago by creating a virus definition download that:

1. Knackered websites like Hotmail, Amazon’s Order Page(s), YouTube, and Flickr (just to name a few off the top of my head) and render them in 1995 standards (i.e., no graphics whatsoever).

2. Had Netflix spit out an Error Code: M7083-2107 that prevented it for being shown on the desktop (and laptop).

3. This really bizarre error code in Outlook 2016 indicating the client couldn’t establish an SSL socket connection.

4. Gave me this even odder error message in Chrome when trying to pick up my pay stub from work telling me the SSL server was obsolete.

5 Also gave the consistent and non-stop error trying to load up Facebook Games by telling me “the Connection was reset” but Armor Games and the card game I play on I-Am-Bored.com loaded up without issue or incident.  And finally,

6. Giving me these really bizarre server time outs in games like STO making me think traffic was over-loaded because of the holiday.

Without all of this “fun”; I would have actually enjoyed my day off for Thanksgiving instead of spending 1/2 my day troubleshooting what was going on with my connection.

“Thanks!” He says dripping with post-caffeinated sarcasm.

And there might be a mini-novel coming along soon enough.  Stay tuned.

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