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Entry 07/14/2011 10:05:51 PM – Mentat 615

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You know the start toward my 48th year on the face of this planet has not been going at all as I had expected. As I had said in my last entry I had to suffer through some sort of bacterial/viral infection that inflamed my tonsils and gave me some issues with my ears. Now that I’ve finally gotten through that with my hearing coming back to acceptably normal levels, however it seems that I’m going through some sort of contact dermatitis. I can’t entire be sure whether I’ve come in contact with poison ivy (as it’s all over the roads that I usually take when bike riding, but I hadn’t been bike riding for the last two weeks because of the Freewheel breaking), poison sumac (which grows in the wilder parts of the backyard, but I haven’t been there for almost the same amount of time) or I’m having an allergic reaction to my cat.

My aunt made some sort of comment about how my being allergic to my cat would’ve manifested sooner, but the fact is, I’ve always been mildly allergic to my cat. Every time I went to the dentist’s office and the doctor’s for my annual — they always said the same thing for the last 14 years: “you have some inflammation with your tonsils, indicating an infection.” The only time it didn’t happen was during the years between Tiger’s death and getting Cricket were my tonsils ever “normal” (they’ve always been enlarged for as long as I remember). However, what with the weather suddenly warming up and my depleted immune system since the bacterial/viral infection and the tonsillitis — it’s possible that her rubbing/laying up against me might have exacerbated the problem. Fortunately for me I have Benadryl and Calamine Lotion around the house so it’s been helping with my not itching and causing secondary infections.

Now I’m sitting here with swollen ankles because apparently I’ve had too much water and a higher than normal salt intake the last couple of days and coupling this with the excessively high humidity and heat within the house is making me look like I have Elephantiasis from the shins down. My aunt also seems to be suffering from it as well, though it’s not as pronounced in her as it is with me because she’s been doing the Weight Watchers Points System Diet. As she’s had more experience with it than I have, she’s recommended to lay off the salty snacks, keep water to the usual intake and keep my feet elevated and in about three days, things should be back to normal.

*sighs* It makes me wonder what else will happen in the meantime. Not that I want to be asking for trouble, but I can feel it’s just going to come and haunt me about it soon enough.

Shortly after writing the last journal entry; during one of my rides, I noticed that the 7th gear on the freewheel had broken. Thinking that the Freewheel Assembly would be no worse for wear, I continued on my ride to the bus stop and when I got there noticed that all the gears had shifted and were a bit misaligned. I had a return fare (just in case of rain and my ride were cut short), so I decided to give it a go anyway and see how it would handle. It seemed relatively all right until I got to a hill and when I tried downshifting to keep riding, found that the derailleur wouldn’t shift above 3rd. So it was a ride on with the hopes that I wouldn’t run into any more problems during the ride home. Fortunately for me, I was able to get home without the bike completely falling apart, although I could seriously tell something was off about the noises coming from the pedaling. And once I was cooled down, fired up the browser and went looking for a replacement Freewheel (and the tools necessary to replace it).

After a couple of weeks of shipments and wrong orders I was finally able to get a replacement freewheel and Freewheel removal tools to fixed my bike. Turned out that I ordered the wrong freewheel tool (was too small) and had to ship it back and order a replacement. About four days later I got the right tool and was able to get everything (including slow-leak in the back tire fixed). After a couple of days of doing my best and following all the instructions that I was able to find on the Internet, I’ve suspect that there’s a problem with the derailleur that I’m not aware of and am probably going to need to suck down my pride and head over to the bike shop in Lincoln to having it fixed. I know I’m missing something — something about the tautness of the derailleur wire — but I haven’t a clue what it is exactly. Hopefully, it’ll be a quick fix and not something that’s going to involve the replacement of the derailleur. I’ll give them a call tomorrow after the technician comes over to work on the internet and cable here at the house…

…Which brings me to the next problem since the last journal entry. Apparently we’ve had all sorts of problems with the neighborhood (and the city) with the Internet. Basically was getting packet loss over the week until they were able to fix it. It took almost 5 days, but they did a damned good job getting it back. The problem though was last week when they came over to fix my neighbor’s Internet connection, they did rewire for that connection and ended up blowing out the connector for the phone. A call in the next morning and after the Independence Day Weekend and Family BBQ, a technician was here in the afternoon and within 10 minutes was able to get the phones back online. Packet loss to the modem continued for another couple of days, and then seemed to be isolated to various times in the evening. Still though, the connectivity issues continued bringing gaming, streaming and even e-mail pick up and delivery to a screaming halt for upward to 10 minutes before things smoothed themselves out.

Still, from what I’ve been able to determine from my calls into support is that the signal to the modem is wildly in the red (something that hadn’t happened in the years I had worked for the company and was able to monitor the cable modem between calls) and T3 errors are going through the roof in the last three days. So tomorrow another tech will be over trying to figure out what the signal issues are and whether it’s finally time to replace the cable modem or not. They’ll also need to look into the signal issues with the cable as I believe it’s being affected as well. Have a bit of pixilation going on when watching television at night. They’re scheduled to be over tomorrow at 10:30 or after, so that means I need to head to bed soon.

Finally… I think we have a couple of field mice in the house. My cat seems to be doing odd things by going into the quieter parts of the house and sitting there looking at nothing in particular for hours at a time. When I go to collect her to either sit on the couch, the bed, or at my feet — she acts as though she’s coming and then when I sit back down, there she goes again back to where she was sitting for hours at a time watching the blank spaces. At first I thought she was completely demented, but the other day when I was getting something to drink while sitting with my aunt to watch CSI with her, I noticed her cat was sitting in the kitchen, tail flicking like made and hunched near to the sink area that I realized the house had the usual little rodents hiding out.

When I talked about it with my aunt today when we went shopping for the pineapple juice that she’s been looking for, for weeks — she tells me that she’s found some droppings near to the fridge. So that means I need to put down some of the traps that I have to see if I can’t catch it and let it go a couple of miles away.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. I need to head to bed early so that I can be up early to greet the technician when he shows up and find out what the problem is. Until the next time.